eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Center is a non-profit organization in a residential area in Khayelitsha. We work to uplift a community of 400+ residents through a variety of activities and development programs.

ekhaya ekasi

eKhaya eKasi provides the following for the community: 

  • An arts and crafts program – screenprinting, beadwork, bead and wire, jewellery
  • After school children’s program
  • Literacy
  • Health & health education
  • Rooftop vegetable garden
  • Mobile photography and digital literacy (The heART of a Woman Project)
  • Rental space
  • and more

Gifts and Tours with a Social Impact: 

To support the programs and become self-sustaining, it generates income through the on-site art boutique and tourism. Additionally, fostering cultural exchange.

The art boutique focuses on Folk Art and handmade crafts by artists in the women’s skills development & thoawSA programs, from the community and other areas of South Africa.


  • Group lunches
  • Cooking class
  • Photowalk
  • Musical performances
  • African drumming class
  • Beadwork class
  • Township tour

Every visit offers travellers to Cape Town and Khayelitsha an opportunity to make a difference and help improve the lives of Khayelitsha families impacted by poverty. 

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello,

    Where would I be able to see the arts and crafts products that your centre makes?
    Looking forward to hear from you!

  2. wanted to say thank you very much for the work you are doing and for sharing your beautiful beadwork animals. i live in santa fe, new mexico, half a world away, but am proud and delighted to have one of your flycatchers and one of your hippopotamuses in my home.

    wishing all the residents and everyone associated with your organization the very best,


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